Assistant Director

Rev. Fr.  Anto Baiju Y
Latin Archdiocese of Trivandrum

Rev. Fr. Anto Baiju Y, the present Asst. Director of LIFFA Trivandrum, was born on 26th April 1988 at Neerody, a tranquil village which is extended along the coastal plains of Arabian sea and has a rich heritage of fishing and sports exceptionally football. His incessant passion and love for football from childhood onwards makes him striving unceasingly to be the best sportsman even amidst his busy schedule of priestly ministry. After his school studies, he had joined St. Vincent’s minor seminary. He had successfully completed his philosophical studies in St. Joseph’s pontifical seminary, Alwaye and his theological studies in Papal seminary, Pune. In the course of his formation in all these seminaries, he had proved himself as an unconquerable football player by his outstanding performance in a regular games, occasional tournaments and competitions. Alongside, he was so excellent in studies, enriching in spirituality, active in other activities and creative in organizing different events by his approach so vibrant and well appreciated. He was ordained a priest 31th March 2016.

As a faithful disciple and dynamic pastor, he had fruitfully fulfilled his priestly ministry in various parishes, ministries and also institutions. He served as the Asst. Parish Priest of several parishes such as Valiathura, Kazhakuttom, Pallithura, Poonthura and Vallavila as well as the Parish Priest of Vimalahrithaya Matha Church, Kanjirampara. His contribution as a KCYM Director at the forane level is vivid and unique. As a Laity ministry Director in Puthukurichy forane, he is well known and much appreciated in this field of uniting the lay people belonging to various strata and doing the well-deserved things for their empowerment.

Being the Asst. Director of LIFFA, he is widely recognized as an able administrator, passionate football lover and the promoter of qualified and skilled footballers at the state and national level. At present, LIFFA consists of around 80 students in five batches. His valuable presence, ceaseless support, optimistic attitude and encouragement have been the driving force, vigour and enthusiasm for these students in taking up their constant efforts, daily practices and hard work to prove their best in both sports and academic studies. His active involvement and fraternal accompaniment throughout their life are evident in all the achievements and successes of these students. All his initiatives and endeavours for the growth of this prestigious football academy have indeed witnessed a drastic change and positive and fruitful outcomes in its journey in accordance with its vision and mission.