Vision & Mission


  • To maximize the positive influence we have as a youth sports organization on the local, regional and national soccer community
  • To provide competitive opportunities for kids from all cultural and economic backgrounds through the “beautiful game”
  • To be nationally recognized for player development and competitive success
  • To instill healthy, positive and lasting core values in our players in order to better prepare them to compete successfully in a competitive world
  • To provide a variety of programs for all ages and abilities in a safe and fun environment


Little Flower Football Academy (LiFFA) is a youth organization which offers all levels of play for young people from 13 years of age onwards. LiFFA promotes an active, healthy lifestyle and love for the “beautiful game.” LiFFA develops complete soccer players with key core values which we believe provide our players the best opportunity to succeed at the next level whether that is high school, college, professional soccer or life outside of competitive sports.

Core Values

At LiFFA ‘winning’ isn’t everything but the commitment to be successful is uncompromising. The core values we strive to teach and instill are:

  • Discipline
  • Sportsmanship
  • Excellence