President (2015 -)
LiFFA Trivandrum

Mr. Davidson L., the present President of LiFFA Trivandrum was born on 10th, May. 1964 at Puthiyathura, but he moved with his family to the Marianadu Colony in in his early age. It was the turning point of his life, he has been the player of the Marianadu Colony BPBPM cluband has been the club’s president for over 10 years. Mr. Davidon is also one of the eminent entrepreneurs in the Thiruvananthapuram Kanyakumari coastal zone. Despite his busy business life, he is keen to provide all the support he needs for the development of LiFFA Trivandrum, as well as the personal growth of each player. Mr. Davidson L., who took over as LiFFA President in 2016, which has been moving with limited facilities, has played crucial role in the current growth of the LiFFA Trivandrum.